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The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) carried out a “Study for the Development of a Master Plan for the Development of Postal Services (SDDS) in West Africa” through sustainable initiatives and programs.

This provided an analysis of postal services in ECOWAS Member States at Regional and national levels. This analysis includes a SWOT analysis by country and an analysis of regional regulatory framework to determine the regulatory capacity and performance of each Member State. It is followed by the identification and ranking of projects and proposed programs to define the SDSSP, at national and regional level.

The Master Plan is linked to the period 2016-2020 and proposes a series of activities to support the transformation of enterprises and the development of postal networks as an infrastructure component for access to basic services. The action plan is expected to have a medium-term and long-term impact. Several actions are preparatory steps for medium- and long-term actions, such as sectoral directives, a regional regulatory observatory, a regional alliance of national operators, regional knowledge management, knowledge dissemination, training , Innovation, the installation of a special service for financing and investments in postal operators.

It is in this context that the study highlighted the urgent need for the establishment of a database with on-line access to knowledge and information on postal and OPN markets in ECOWAS.

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