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Ownership and implementation of the Postal services Master Plan and regional directive on postal reform and regulation in West Africa.

REGIONAL WORKSHOP ECOWAS-WAPCO The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) carried out a “Study for the Development of a Master Plan for the Development of Postal Services (SDDS) in West Africa” through sustainable initiatives and programs. This provided an analysis of postal services in ECOWAS Member States at Regional and national levels. This analysis

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PRESENTATION OF SIG-POST The establishment of an information system is based on a simple postulate: any system, Organization must produce information for Inform about their status (and characteristics), their functioning and their results. Without No system can operate rationally and therefore Operational decision cannot be taken. SIG-POST does not escape this rule. Indeed, development, the

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Fixed-telephone subscriptions

Fixed-telephone subscriptions refers to the sum of active number of analogue fixed-telephone lines, voice-over-IP (VoIP) subscriptions, fixed wireless local loop (WLL) subscriptions, ISDN voice-channel equivalents and fixed public payphones. West Africa Map of Fixed Telephone subscription for year 2014 After that, you can check out the entertainment on the website