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The establishment of an information system is based on a simple postulate: any system,

Organization must produce information for Inform about their status (and characteristics), their functioning and their results. Without No system can operate rationally and therefore

Operational decision cannot be taken.

SIG-POST does not escape this rule. Indeed, development, the increasing complexity Data on the postal sector and the need for regulation and coordination Information is one of the central elements, thus providing the basis for of decision. SIG-POST, the purpose of which is to collect, store, process, analyze and Disseminating information related to the postal sector, has a role in this context Information and knowledge both at the grass-roots level (regulatory agencies and Designated and private postal operators) and the summit (ECOWAS & EAPCA) Informed decision-making.

To do this, it can:

  • Improve capacities for collection, processing, storage, analysis and Dissemination of data so that decision-makers can rely on Quality in the postal sector;
  • Centralize and coordinate scattered efforts in the acquisition, processing, Analysis and dissemination of information on the postal sector;
  • Rationalize the nature and flow of information needed for decision-making in Reducing and eliminating duplications, and filling in the gaps in Information;
  • Integrate and synthesize data into a single knowledge base Quantitative and qualitative aspects of the postal sector;

To achieve its objective, SIG-POST will consume and produce information in Areas:

  • Data for ECOWAS countries, designated operators and operators


  • Data on human resources working in postal operators
  • The data on the postal mapping of each operator
  • Data on financial results, receipts from postal products
  • Statistics on collection, distribution, and letter post, express shipments and parcels Posters
  • Statistics On postal, logistical, online and on-line financial services Competition

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